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Beginners guide to PCB design with EasyEda Part 1

JLCPCB Prototype for $2(Any Color): https://jlcpcb.com/DYE

This series is designed for those who are starting out for the first time designing PCB's. In this first video i cover getting started and designing a schematic.

A word of warning i rather foolishly reversed the connections on the power barrel jack so take care when your designing! Good catch Brian Lough.



What are PCBs? || How do PCBs Work?

What is inside of PCBs? Smartphones have dozens of components, and they are all connected thru a vast labyrinth of wires inside the PCB! So how exactly do PCBs work?

PCBs may be incredibly complex, however, they are rather easy to design and order. For a quick turnaround and inexpensive option for buying any variety of PCB, consider PCBWay: https://www.pcbway.com/

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Made by Teddy Tablante

Table of Contents:
0:00 Intro: Enter the PCB
01:11 Section 1: What is a motherboard?
01:45 Section 2: X-Ray Image of PCB \u0026 Wires from the SoC
03:38 Section 3: What are the layers of a PCB?
05:00 Section 4: Pursue STEM Careers!
06:29 Section 5: Vias and holes in the PCB
07:55 Section 6: Different designs of PCBs, Sizes, Weights, and Thru hole
09:22 Outro: Summary and Branches

Background Understanding: Wires, Power, Ground

Key Branches from this video are: PCB Design, PCB Manufacturing, Solid State Drive, Supporting Chips, System on a Chip, Wifi Chip

Via is a backronym or apronym. 99% (except the Wikipedia article about them) of people don't use the phrase Vertical Interconnect Access, it's just called a via.
10:06 Manufacturing misspelled as Manufacutring

#PCB #Smartphone #Howitworks

Animation built using Blender 2.79b https://www.blender.org/
Post with Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects
Sound editing with Reaper

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Image Attribution:
An entry-level IBM System/360 system, on display at the Computer History Museum. Dave Ross Flickr, https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:IBM_System360_Model_30.jpg

Ifixit Smartphone Teardowns for:
Google Pixel 4XL: Jeff Suovanen
Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Arthur Shi
Iphone 8: Andrew Optimus Goldheart
Huawei P30 Pro Teardown: Dominik Schnabelrauch
OnePlus6: Jeff Suovanen
LGV20: Dominik Schnabelrauch
LGV10: Me! Teddy Tablante
Nintendo Switch: Jeff Suovanen
Samsung Galaxy S8: Sam Goldheart
Iphone X PCB: Andrew Optimus Goldheart
Iphone X X-Ray: Sam Goldheart

Music Attribution in Order:
Morning Dew from YouTube Audio Library
Above Planets by Patrick Patrikios from YouTube Audio Library
Stars and Constellations by Sarah the Instrumentalist from YouTube Audio Library
Gently Onwards from YouTube Audio Library
Sunburst, Tobu \u0026 Itro is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License

KiCAD Tutorial 2019 | Learn KiCAD under 25 Minutes | Beginners guide

KiCAD Tutorial 2019 | Learn KiCAD under 25 Minutes | Beginners guide

⏩ Official Website - http://kicad-pcb.org

⏩ Written KiCAD Tutorials - https://goo.gl/okxpP4

⏩ Video Details
0:10 - Downloading \u0026 Installing KiCAD
0:37 - First Project in KiCAD
4:46 - Annotation in KiCAD
5:24 - Assigning values in KiCAD
6:25 - Net list, Footprint assigning, PCB Board Creation in KiCAD
15:10 - Mounting Holes
18:52 - custom names on the PCB board in KiCAD
20:00 - Adding filled zones in KiCAD

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Intro \u0026 Outro - https://goo.gl/7oXCNf
Making of Intro \u0026 Outro -

Music - YouTube Audio Library
In between Video Titles - Using Android App Legend
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