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Samsung SCC-931TN Camera Overview from Surveillance-Video.Com

The SCC-931TN is an anti-vandal color dome camera that ensures outstanding observation with excellent color sensitivity and high resolution. Click on the above link for more information about this great camera!!!
rachparov : Wich cam would you recommand, this one or the everfocus? I also wonder what camera you would recommand that has the best software...i'm actually looking for something that detect movement but also send me an alert when something is detected...thx : Since this is not an IP Camera, it does not come with software. While most cameras today feature motion detection, the DVR also will feature motion detection and you could just as easily program the DVR or the camera. Which Everfocus camera are you referring to?

System Controller SSC-2000 SAMSUMG

System Controller SSC-2000 SAMSUMG Samsung SSC-2000 System Keyboard with Touch Screen Graphic LCD Panel.

Samsung SSC-2000 Features:

Touch screen graphic LCD panel Dome cameras, zoom cameras, multiplexer and DVR control Touch screen graphic LCD panel \u0026 3 axis joystick 1 jog / Shuttle switch Pan / Tilt and Lens control ( zoom, focus, iris) IC (Intelligent Camera) Series Controller for: SCC-C6475- IP WDR Motorized Day/Night Speed Dome Camera SCC-C6405- WDR Motorized Day/Night Speed Dome Camera SCC-641- Motorized Speed Dome Camera SCC-643- Motorized Day/Night Speed Dome Camera SCC-C4203/C4303- Motorized Day/Night Zoom Camera SCC-C4201/C4301- Motorized Low Light Zoom Camera SCC-931T- Armored Motorized Zoom Camera Control interface (RS-485, RS-232 1 port) Up to 32 keyboards can be connected simultaneously Half or full duplex, RS-485 Administrator, manager and operator capability levels Multi-language (English, Spanish and French) *12V, 600mA, Power supply not included. SE VENDE EN MERCADOLIBRE HEAL5951002
ricardo perez : buenas noches manuel, te pido de favor si me explicas como conectar el ssc-2000 a un dvr tyco 1600 hd, con camaras samsung 645, gracias.
ricardo perez : disculpa con camaras scc-c6405
Camila Alvarado Tabora : Sr Perez le quiero consultar hay alguna forme de hacer un reset de la contraseña si no me acuerdo??

Samsung makes CCTV cameras??? My CCTV 'setup'

Recording and playback setup, pretty surprising zoom range too
Knuckles the Echidna : Hmm interesting!! Would like one of the cameras of big brother with the built in wiper!
FrontSideBus : I've seen a few CCTV cameras with f/1 lens'
I don't know : Bro that type of lens is called varifocal. It's a cheaper form of zoom lens. If you intend to just set and forget you get varifocal, but if you want to zoom the lens live obviously you need a real zoom lens
Daniel Gómez :
Willy Samsa : mntp thank for info




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